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6 (I2/2012). The social entrepreneur – the new player on the social stage
(Loredana ORHEI, Joop VINKE)

7 (I2/2012). Considerations on intercultural management models of teamwork in the context of globalization
(Daniela HAS)

8 (I2/2012). Comparative Analysis of Human Synergistics and Denison models for assessment organizational culture
(Mihai Ovidiu CERCEL)

9 (I2/2012). Romanian entrepreneurship in the European context: Origins and Prospects
(Maria Irina TROFIN)

10 (I2/2012). Leadership in public administration of Romania compared to public administration leadership from other countries
(Ariana-Lavinia MOS, Ana PADUREAN)

11 (I2/2012). Web sites interactivity and design characteristics in the online consumer behavior
(Adriana-Emilia ROBU)


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