Doctoral school – premise for the development of scientific research performance
(Dumitru ZAIT)

Cultural paradoxes of globalization
(Andreea-Oana IACOBUTA)

The necessity of understanding the globalization by models
(Florian Marcel NUTA)

Facets of individualism in economy
(Lacramioara DOMINTE)

National culture, communism and import values in context of European integration of Romania
(Cristina SOOS)

Transnational environmental management or why multinational companies must obey international law
(Viviana MAFTEI)

Romania – the brand
(Andrei IRIMIA)

Tax evasion in terms of ethnic and religious
(Cristina COMAN)

Impulse selling: what, where, how?
(Andrei MAXIM)

Perspectives of human resources selection
(Elena-Luminita DRAGOMIR)

Romania – between being or not rational
(Mihai Bogdan PETRISOR)

Regional differencies in the agriculture of Bulgaria and Romania
(Margarita BOGDANOVA)


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